Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mobile Internet: the Hope of Myanmar’s Technology

Revo Tech, a Myanmar-based creative digital agency, is optimistic about the country’s opportunities for mobile apps and web development.

“It won’t be like Silicon Valley even in five or 10 years,” according to Myo Myint Kyaw, founder and chief executive of Revo Tech.

Kyaw added that they predict to catch up with Singapore in three to four years.

Myanmar, however, is a country that suffers from undependable Internet connections. As a consequence, electronic documents are better delivered manually. In addition, files are hand-delivered as high-resolution photographs since they can't be sent electronically.

With smartphone prices falling, Myanmar’s population of 60 million people will soon be able to experience mobile Internet for the first time.

Broadband Internet prices have dropped in the last two years. However, it remains high as installation costs come to $500 with a monthly rate of $70 for a 1 megabyte-per-second connection. The cost is $120 monthly for twice the speed.

The lack of affordable and reliable Internet connections continues to be a hurdle for Myanmar’s improvement.

On the other hand, mobile Internet only costs $43, leading to an increased demand for mobile apps and services.

Internet service providers Telenor and Ooredoo plan to expand their operations in the last quarter of 2014. Telenor aims to offer 2G and 3G networks while Ooredoo will stick to an all-3G strategy.

source: China Topix
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