Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Local fishermen hurt by lower prices in Thailand

Myanmar fishermen blamed Thai middlemen for the lower-than-expected revenue from fish sales. 

The prices of net-trapped fish in Thailand have fallen by half, said Myint Aung, a fisherman in Myiek. 

"Only in the beginning of rainy season, we usually get more fish by net-trapping. So, we wait for this period. Yet, those from Thailand know this and have reduced the prices."
Located by the Andaman Sea, Myiek is close to the South of Thailand. 

"Fishing boats from Myeik have no other places than Thailand to sell the fish. So, we have sell our fish at the price they give," Myint Aung added.

He noted that before the rainy season, a kilo of Parne fish was worth Bt230 but now, it has been cut to Bt120.

Two types of net-trap – floating and underwater - are laid in water in the deep side of the ocean among the stones. A net-trap costs about US$200 and a businessman who catches fish by these net-traps usually owns 100 to 200 of these.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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