Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Myanmar’s economic development hinges on equal rights: Suu Kyi

National League for Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi calls for the compliance of equal rights as an essential condition for Myanmar’s sustainable economic development.

Suu Kyi was speaking on May 10 at a public gathering on 2008 Constitution Reform held in Maubin Township, Ayeyawady Region.
In view of the socio-economic disparity, equal rights would help to ensure the equal sharing of development progress, she said, noting certain groups seem to have more benefits from the prosperity than the others.

“Now, what some are saying is that constitution is a political thing which is not important. The real important thing is economic growth so that citizens would be developed – would live in a rich life, they are saying so. However, to actually improve and develop in economic sector, we need many equal rights. Without basic equality, our country cannot develop for sure. How our citizens could satisfy when some groups are specially getting bigger (and faster) than others,” she said, adding:

“Concerning constitutional reform, some do not agree. They do not want to reform. So, our citizens need to think seriously about the reason for this. It is quite clear that this Constitution does not match with democratic standard. With democratic standard, we all must be equal. Aspirations of citizens must be the most powerful. I expect citizens to understand that giving highest power to a group is not a democratic thing. It is not because we hate the military. Nor we don’t hate them. Not military. Let me say clearly that it is because we do not want any groups to be given special opportunities. Unity cannot be gained if an organisation has been given special power or authority. Unity is based on equality.”

She went on to remind the public to monitor government-controlled television stations and newspapers if they want to know whether the country’s democracy is designed for those in power or to serve the people.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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