Thursday, 24 July 2014

Denmark to assist Myanmar education sector

Denmark will provide a grant aid to Myanmar’s five-year development project with emphasis on the education sector.

“The roadmap to assist Myanmar is under planning, especially in education sector. The five-year development project will kick off by 2016 and Denmark will coordinate with NGOs and CSOs in Myanmar,” said Mikael HemnitiWinther, Denmark ambassador to Myanmar.

Under the assistance programme, activities of NGOs in Myanmar will be reviewed to ensure the aids are progressive.

Only Thursday, the Denmark government joined the Unicef in signing an agreement to provide US$3.5 million for Myanmar education sector.

“The aids from Denmark will be used in rural and remote areas where the access to education is difficult. The assistance will extend to 34 townships,” said a regional representative of Unicef.

The aids will include establishing primary schools, free education services for those who cannot afford and teachers training.

Denmark has started aiding the Myanmar education sector since 2006 and its assistance amounted to $10 million.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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