Friday, 30 May 2014

Myanmar exports peak US$ 490 million in two months

Myanmar has earned US$ 490 million from the export of industrial products, including natural gas, in the last two months according to the Ministry of Commerce.

Myanmar exports agricultural products, fish and seafood products, oil and natural gas, animal products and minerals. In 2013-2014 fiscal year, over US$3 billion was earned from natural gas exports alone, which remains the country’s highest earning export.

Myanmar’s depends on a few main products, namely, mineral resources, natural gas, teak, and agricultural and seafood products. However, as it slowly builds up industrial capacity, it is also beginning to export other commodities such as ready-made clothes and garments.

A national-level strategy for the development of export products and improvement of competitiveness is underway. The government is currently prioritising commodities and sectors where Myanmar has a competitive advantage.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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