Friday, 30 May 2014

Duo targets Myanmar solar

Laos-based rural renewables specialist Sunlabob has finalised a partnership agreement with energy company Relitec for solar PV projects in Myanmar.

Relitec, which is based in Myanmar’s former capital Yangon, has already tackled on and off-grid solar schemes in the country and will bring valuable local knowledge to the table.

“This partnership is an important step for both Sunlabob and Relitec to provide high-quality renewable energy solutions to Myanmar, a country greatly in need of reliable, affordable energy,” said Sunlabob chief executive Andy Schroeter.

“Sunlabob’s experience implementing rural, off-grid renewable energy throughout the developing world will complement Relitec’s on-the-ground knowledge of the local Myanmar market.”

Fewer than 30% of Myanmar residents have access to grid-connected electricity in Myanmar while estimates suggest only 4% of the rural population has electricity.

source: reNews
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