Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Myanmar to focus on prawn breeding for the US market

YANGON-Myanmar is to start emphasising on prawn breeding for exports to the United State, according to Myanmar Prawn Breeding and Dealers Association.

Myanmar’s marine products were showcased Boston’s Seafood Show held in Massachusetts from March 16 to 18.

At the show, Myanmar entrepreneurs observed the high-demand of the US prawn market.
“The U.S. buys the prawns paying a good price and the prawn’s market is very huge. 

Although the market has boomed for many years, we are going to start the first priority of prawn breeding in order to export to the U.S. because our production of prawns are being on the decline now,” said Dr. Kyaw Tun Myint, Chairman of Myanmar Prawn Breeding and Dealers Association.

The main reasons for declining of prawn production are due to illegal harvesting of prawn and also to the disease outbreak in the prawn farming.

“In prawn breeding, the decline is attributed to the outbreak of infectious disease. For the investment, the breeders have no capital to renovate their breeding farms. Although the market boomed before, it needs to have the supply of prawn as raw material,” said Dr. Kyaw Tun Myint.

The prawn sector is leading 60 % of the World’s marine product and the U.S., Japan and the European countries are paying good prices.

Thailand and Vietnam exported most of the prawns to the U.S. The two countries have already seen the decline in production.

At present, India and Ecuador are exporting prawns to the U.S. 

In exporting to the U.S., Myanmar aims at shipping value added products in order to receive a better price than raw prawns and to meet the American quality standard, according to Dr. Kyaw Myint Tun.

At present, Myanmar is breeding marine tiger prawn the most. And the Fisheries Department together with the Singaporean’s Gold Coin firm will distribute 10 million white prawn fingerlings to the local breeders.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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