Wednesday, 9 April 2014


With the support of Ministry of Education, the ‘eLibrary Myanmar’ project will for the first time provide local academics and students online access to a comprehensive and multidisciplinary collection of scholarly resources.

The project is funded by the Open Society Foundations’Higher Education Support programme and is implemented by EIFL, an international not-for-profit organisation working with libraries around the world to enable sustainable access to digital information.

Burmese academics and students will have direct access to a comprehensive range of high quality digital resources, including journals, books and reference materials.

In order to maximise awareness and use among academics and students, the team will roll out a series of training so students will be equipped to make the best use of the available content.

The project to improve the quality of education and research, and in time social and economic development.

“The Myanmar government has set forth an ambitious plan for revitalising the country’s higher education,” said Oleksandr Shtokvych, Senior Manager at the Open Society Foundations’ Higher Education Support Programme.

“Bringing iconic universities, such as the University of Yangon and the University of Mandalay, to life, will not only mean helping their communities gain access to the most current thinking, inspiring scholarship and novel resources,” he added.

“It will also mean including their students and scholars as active participants in the production of new knowledge and critical thinking, and bringing the unique and rich legacy and current developments in Myanmar into the limelight of international scholarship.”

“These are the connected goals we hope our eLibrary Myanmar project can achieve withEIFL’s able leadership and resources.”

“Access to e-resources is essential to scholars and students at the University of Yangon,” said Professor Dr Tin Tun, Rector of the University of Yangon. “For fulfilling this need, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the Open Society Foundations and EIFL.”

source: FutureGov
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