Tuesday, 25 February 2014

iPad transactions come to Yangon

A fast payment system involving a quick swipe of a credit card has been introduced in two of Yangon’s top hotels, and could be extended further. Myanmar Citizens’ Bank and 2C2P Company have together launched the iACCEPT system now in use at the Inya Lake and Strand hotels, said U Aung Kyaw Moe, founder and group CEO of 2C2P.

“If a customer wants to pay a bill [using this system], the waiter will bring this device, and they just touch their card to it,” he said.

The iACCEPT hardware is on sale at Myanmar Citizens’ Bank for US$60-$70, and can be used with iPhone, iPad and Android handsets. The system accepts both chip and magnetic strip cards.

“The challenge for this service is the internet connection. With that, it can be used even in bookshops and food stalls,” he said.

source: The Myanmar Times
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