Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Trade imbalance with China rises

Imports from China continue to exceed exports to Myanmar’s largest trading partner, with the imbalance rising to nearly US$1.2 billion in the last fiscal year, government figures show.

Myanmar’s total exports to China totalled $2.91 billion while imports were $4.10 billion in FY2013-14, according to the National Planning and Economic Development Ministry.

The year before exports totalled $2.23 billion and imports were $2.71 billion. In FY2011-12, exports to China totalled $2.24 billion and imports totalled $2.78 billion.

Trade between Myanmar and China occurs through sea and land routes. Imports include dairy products, cement, fertiliser, machinery, electric and electronic goods, raw plastic and plastic materials, garments and consumer goods.

There are four official border trade points between Myanmar and China: Muse, Lwaljel, Chinshwehaw and Kanpate.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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