Thursday, 24 July 2014

State airline to expand flights to Asia

The state-owned Myanma Airways is planning to expand its flights to to South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan by early 2015. 

The airline has hired Avia Solutions, from the U.S.-based General Electric Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) as an advisory body. Officials from the airline and company representatives have been holding a weekly conference call to see how to manage the airline’s expansion.

Myanma Airways, the one and only state-owned airline, has been in business since September 1948. The airline recently signed a lease for six Boeing 737-800 jets and four Boeing 737-8 with GECAS last February in Singapore. 

The airplanes will delivere to Myanmar International Airport between 2015 and 2020. In addition, Myanma Airways has also acquired six new aircrafts from the French ATR Company.

Since last year, Myanma Airways has sought to free itself from state subsidies and function as a stand alone business.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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