Thursday, 3 July 2014

Myanmar viewers prefer Thai satellite receivers

Myanmar television viewers for sport programmes opt for Thai satellite dishes which are three to four times less expensive than those supplied by local broadcaster Sky Net, sources in local market said.

Thai satellite receivers, such as IPM and PSI, can air more than 100 free channels, including World Cup matches. They are best sellers in the market because of reasonable pricing at around Ks 35,000 to Ks 40,000, a shop owner said.

“The pricing makes the different. Lately customers prefer Thai satellite receivers because they are broadcasting live World Cup matches this year plus 100 free programmes,” the shop owner said.

For Sky Net broadcasting service, the customers have to spend Ks 55,000 for the receiver, Ks 55,000 for the satellite dish and Ks 15,000 for installation fee. In addition there would be a monthly charge of Ks 13,500 for the television package of 109 channels, including World Cup broadcast.

Sky Net service is expensive in comparison to installing Thai satellite receivers.

Furthermore, Sky Net is broadcasting World Cup matches through its MNTV channel which cannot be viewed in certain areas despite the cost of Ks 100,000.

For free broadcast through MRTV, Myawady, MRTV 4 and Channel 7, Sky Net said it would air only 8 of 64 World Cup matches.

“As far as I know, government-owned channels used to air international matches including World Cup 2002 and European matches. Now we are paying a lot to watch World Cup matches. Thais can watch them for free even though they are facing with internal political conflict. Here we have to watch at tea shops. It is not convenient to buy and watch the matches as we are ordinary people. Now we can watch the matches with Thai receivers and we can afford about Ks 30,000,” a football fan from Tarmwe said.

The Thai receivers are best sellers and out of stock upcountry.

“Many bought PSI receivers and they are out of stock now. They prefer PSI because it would cost over Ks 20,000. Tata is also out of stock. I am not sure when they would be restocked in the market,” said a salesperson from Thit San electronics shop in Monywa.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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