Thursday, 19 June 2014

Myawady border trade down by US$12 million

The Myawady town on the Myanmar - Thai border has recorded over US$33 million in total trade volume over the last two months, according to the department of commerce and consumer affairs.

US$2.8 million has been earned from Myanmar exports and over US$30 million had spent on imports between April 1 to May 30 this year.

The current data shows a significant decrease in total trade volume. Trade volume during the same period last year amounted to US$46 million — US$7.2 million in exports and US$38 million on imports.

Following the military takeover in Thailand in May, there has been a decrease in the import of consumer goods and other commodities which caused many products to rise in price.

Myawady border trade mostly consists of rice and fish products being exported to Thailand while motorcycles, cement, fertilisers, food and consumer goods imported to Myanmar.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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