Thursday, 12 June 2014

Myanmar to tighten rules for bus drivers in Yangon

YANGON, June 6 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar will tighten its enforcement of rules for bus drivers in Yangon as part of efforts to reduce traffic accidents in the capital city, official media reported Friday.

Altogether 41 people died and 358 others were injured in 122 road accidents occurred in the January-May period this year, said the New Light of Myanmar.

Nine traffic rule enforcement groups are patrolling Yangon to check the vehicles.

There are 6,600 bus running in 352 lines in Yangon which has a population of around 7.8 million.

"To reduce the crashes and ease traffic congestion, both road users and drivers should change their mindset on traffic rules," said an official of the Yangon Region All Bus-line Control Committee.

According to the city's road transport administration, the number of motor vehicles operating in Myanmar stood at 4.02 million in 2013, including 3.418 million motorcycles, 409,411 passenger cars, 110,705 trucks and 21,043 buses.

source: Global Post
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