Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Price of green grams still on the rise

The price of green gram, one of Myanmar’s most popular pulse, has been increasing since April due to a decrease in cultivation and less supply.

Many farmers have moved to cultivating mung beans that fetches a much higher export price due to increasing demand from China, and India’s decreasing bean production.

“Currently, bean prices fluctuate in the market. Last Friday, the price increased up to US$ 800. Yesterday, it went back to US$ 780. It mainly depends on the weather in India,” said Min Ko Oo, secretary of the Myanmar beans, pulses, and sesame merchants association.

During the last week of April 2013, the price of Myanmar’s green gram in Mumbai, India, was US$ 660 per tonne, and rose up to US$ 749 in last week of April 2014.

For the same period, the price of green gram in Yangon was US$ 628 per tonne, which rose up to US$ 677 in April 2014, according to Ministry of Commerce.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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