Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Myanmar Is Looking To Have A Second Concert And Feature Artists Such As 2NE1 And More

Following the success of the first K-Pop concert in Myanmar, fans may get the opportunity to experience the energy of their favorite idol groups once again.

Thanks to the work of Myanmar's Pee Paw Entertainment and Korea's DM Company which brought major success for the first concert, Myanmar wants to hold another K-Pop concert in the near future and are currently in talks of coordinating one soon.

Bo Bo Entertainment is currently attempting to organize another concert event with notable K-Pop acts.

"We are still negotiating with them. I can't tell exactly which groups would be in the concert. We're hoping to have the concert before the end of this year. Many famous groups like 2NE1 will be in the line-up," stated Bo San of Bo Bo Entertainment.

Bo San added, "Ticket prices haven't been finalized yet, though many people are talking about this concert on the Internet."

Ticket prices are rumored to range from $15 to $100.

The complete line up for the potential concert will be announced by the end of May.

Although it was announced that 2NE1 might attend the event, the girls are currently getting ready for their May 24 concert tour in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, so nothing has been confirmed yet.

2NE1 may be getting quite a bit of attention from Myanmar fans because of the recent release of their music video for "Gotta Be You."

The video is not only visually stimulating, but is also based off relatable content, as the girls are singing about being in love with a man, despite his refusal to continue the relationship.

The first K-Pop concert in Myanmar was held on April 30 at the Thuwana Gymnasium.

Girl's Day, TINT, M.I.B, Dal Shabet, and Jung Il Young were amongst the list of those who attended the very first concert. It has not been confirmed whether any of these acts will be returning.

source: Kpopstarz
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