Thursday, 8 May 2014

Housing rental for civil servants to increase nationwide

Civil servant and public housings in States and Regions administered by the Department of Human Settlement and House Development will see an increase in rental charges starting April, the Department says.

“Some housing were built in the time of Myanmar Socialist Program Party and some in the time of State Law and Order Restoration Council. The rental fee we have collected since then is too little in the present age. Civil servants’ housing and public housing are not in harmony with the city features because of poor maintenance and old age. We are obliged to get fund for maintenance. When we think about the suitable way of making budget, we turn up to plan rental raise at a suitable rate. With the vision of using the budget every year to repair and renovate the housings so that they will look good to the city features, we proposed and submitted through many desks and steps,” said deputy chief director for the Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development Khin Sein.

According to the new rental rate, the charge of housing rent in the suburb of Yangon will be based on the rate applied in States and Regions, while 25 per cent surcharge will be collected for housing at downtown Yangon.

“For example, if people in the outskirts have to pay Ks 10,000, people in downtown will pay Ks 12,500. Staff will pay three per cent of their salary, officers five percent of their salary. The salary of staff officer is Ks 140,000 and five percent of this is 7,000. As the chief and head directors’ highest salary is Ks 250,000, they will have to pay Ks 12,500. Office assistant, office guard and cleaning workers get Ks 75,000 and they need to pay three per cent of this amount, which is, Ks 2,300.”

Considering the space of the apartment, the fee will be from Ks 3,000 at the minimum to Ks 12,500 at the maximum.

The housing fee for staff will be from Ks 2,300 at lowest to Ks 3,200 while officers will pay from Ks 7,000 and Ks 12,500.

In Yangon Region there are a total of 11,600 apartments while other States and Regions have 5,300 apartments. And the purpose for raising rental charges is to renovate the housings to meet the city standards.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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