Friday, 23 May 2014

Despite the export permit to EU, Myanmar’s fishery outputs decline

Although Myanmar has received export permit to the European Union under the Generalized System of Preferences, it still sees low foreign earnings due to the declining supplies from the fishery industry.

The EU permit was granted a year ago but the fishery exports have not increased.

“We cannot take advantage of the chance we are given. Foreign income falls because we can’t export the goods. The main problem is the decline of fish as raw material. We cannot do anything because raw material is very limited. Foreign income is falling as we cannot get raw material in spite of GSP. It is expected to keep falling,” said Han Htun, executive vice-chairman for Myanmar Fishery Federation.

Myanmar’s export of fishery products to EU and other countries earned over US$530 million in the fiscal year 2013-14 although the projection was $700 million. Furthermore the exports are mostly destined for China and Thailand, according to the report of Fisheries Department.

“Without raw material, export cannot increase in any way. The government is mainly responsible for it. It is essential for the production of raw material,”said Htun Aye, chairman for Myanmar Fishery Processors and Exporters Association.

There are 20 factories permitted to export fishery products to EU countries in compliance with their standards. At present only some 10 factories are actively exporting.

In the FY 2012-13, export of fishery products earned more than $650 million while the projection was for$700 million. This fiscal year might see a drop of $116 million in fishery export earnings.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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