Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Repeated power outages hit Yangon

YANGON - The city has encountered frequent power outages just days before April 1 when the government's electricity fee raise becomes effective.

Deputy Chief Engineer Tun Kwel for Yangon City Electricity Supply Board said the outages were due to weaker points of the national power line which encountered faults due to the summer heat.

“Power plants which are built with private investments in Yangon Region are now operating to meet the electricity demand of the region which will soon receive a 24-hour electricity supply as power generators provided by Thailand are running now,” said Tun Kwel.

Many residents expressed fears that the power outages were going to continue as they are usually common during the hot season when dams and rivers are low, lessening the electricity produced by hydropower plants.

"We're afraid we will face outages often this summer as we used to suffer everyday every summer," said a local resident from Bahan Township.

Myanmar's parliament approved the government's electricity fee raise which becomes effective on April 1 despite public protests in Yangon and Mandalay.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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