Friday, 7 March 2014

Ooredoo Myanmar completes trial testing

YANGON - Ooredoo Myanmar has successfully completed a mobile network trail test at their head office near the Myanmar Information and Communication Technology Park.

The mobile service can now send and receive data, short messaging (SMS) and has successfully completed voice testing over the network. Voice reception is clear and SMS can be sent instantly over the network.

“It will be a remarkable day for Ooredoo Myanmar,” said CEO Ross Cormack of Ooredoo Myanmar.

“They are facing difficulties and challenges to fulfil the agreement in the lisence because of the time frame. The permission to construct communication towers took longer than we have expected. It will involve everyone to finish the construction of towers in time,” added the CEO.

Ooredoo Myanmar has signed contracts with mobile shops and is planning to sell 3G SIM cards with internet service to customers in Yangon by July. Customers have to fill out a form before ordering a SIM card.

“We are doing this but we have not announced it yet,” an official from Ooredoo Myanmar said.

“People are applying to fill the Ooredoo form to buy its SIM cards daily. If they register the form now, they don’t need to wait to get the SIM cards for the first sale,” said a shopkeeper from Lugyimin mobile shop.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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