Thursday, 27 March 2014

New road expected to improve border trade with Thailand

A new 45-kilometre road between Thingan Nyinaung and Kawkareik township, which will become a part of the ASEAN East-West corridor, is expected to improve border trade with Thailand, observers said.

The Thingan Nyinaung-Kawkareik Road is currently under construction with the aid of Thailand. The construction is targeted for completion by 2015.

“The East-West corridor will enter Myawady, then Thingan Nyinaung, and then up to Kawkareik, after that from Eindu to Hpa-an, and Hpa-an to Yangon, and finally it will connect to India. In other words, it will become a part of the India-Myanmar highway. So, it will improve trade flows. Then, rural areas will also develop,” said Aung Myint, joint secretary of the Myanmar Engineers Council.

He added that all the ASEAN corridors may not be completed by 2015 but the East-West Corridor will finally connect Myanmar, Thailand and India.

“When industrial zones develop in Myawady and Hpa-an, it will create a lot of job opportunities. Then our migrant workers in Thailand can come back and work here. They won’t need to worry about passports and other issues anymore,” said a worker at the Myawady industrial zone project site.

Aung Myint also noted that Myawady could expect to see development after 2015.

“As industrial zones will be located in Myawady, Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand will be able to return to work here,” he said.

A resident of Hpa-an Township said that Thailand and Myanmar’s connectivity would improve once the Thingan Nyinaung-Kawkareik Road has been constructed.

“Now, one needs to take a day to go to Thailand and another day to come back. Once the road is complete, it won’t take that long. It will be safer, too. Currently, many road accidents happen on the way,” he said.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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