Thursday, 27 March 2014

Foreign tourist arrivals steadily increasing in Mandalay archaeological zone

MANDALAY—About 100,000 foreign tourists visited Mandalay’s archaeological zone during the tourist season from last October through February this year, sources say.

“Mostly French nationals and tourists from Asia and other European countries came here. Although tourist arrivals are increasing on average, the cost of travel expenses, hotel charges and transportation has made it difficult for many to come,” said a tour guide from Mandalay.

Tourist arrivals in Mandalay saw a dramatic spike in 2012 followed by a decrease last year. A total of 99,016 tourists visited in 2011 and 160,975 in 2012. Last year, 142,215 tourists came to visit Mandalay.
The Department of Archaeology under the Ministry of Culture has asked local authorities to charge Myanmar kyats for the entrance fee in all archaeological zones except for the Bagan archaeological zone, which began charging U.S. dollars starting from July 15 last year. 

The Ministry of Culture charges tourists visiting Mandalay-Bago regions Ks 10,000 each, which tourists visiting Shwe Bo-Han Lin, Mrauk-U and Pyay regions pay Ks 5,000 each and those visiting Sagaing-Mingun regions Ks 3,000 each. Those who visit Kyeikhtoyo Pagoda are charged Ks 6,000 each.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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