Friday, 7 March 2014

CPG to invite Kyaukphyu SEZ developers

The Singapore-based CPG Consultant Ltd. has been chosen to invite developers for for the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone (SEZ), according to the project tender committee.

The CPG Corporation is one of the leading development companies in the Asia-Pacific region providing a full spectrum of building and infrastructure development and management services.

“We have selected Singapore based CPG Consultant Company and KPMG is also chosen as a backup,” said Aung Kyaw Than, Joint Secretary of Tender Inviting and Securitising Committee for Kyaukphyu SEZ.

Myanmar has hired CPG Consultant Company for US$ 2.4 million, five percent of the project’s total expenditure. Approximately US$ 277 million will be spent on construction for the Kyaukphyu SEZ.

Thirty-one international consultant companies showed interest in the tender and 17 groups eventually submitted their tender application forms to the scrutinising committee.

The committee selected CPG Company based on its technical ability and finical standing.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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