Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Communications sector by-laws to be drafted within two months, says MOI

YANGON—By-laws for the print and publishing and media laws approved by the Union parliament on March 4 will be drafted within 60 days, according to a government spokesperson.

Aung Kyaw Oo, director of the Information and Public Relations Department, confirmed the deadline at a press conference held by the Ministry of Information on Sunday (March 9).

The director also provided an update on the public service media bill.

“We are still drafting by-laws for the printing and publishing law. We must finish the writing of the by-laws within 60 days. Efforts will be coordinated between the Myanmar Press Council (Interim) and printing associations. We will have to coordinate with the MPC over the writing of by-laws for the media law,” the director said.

“After the by-laws are written, they will be submitted to the Union government. The public service media bill was submitted to the Bill Committee in May 2013. The committee held three meetings with officials from the Ministry of Information.”

Aung Kyaw Oo added that the government would not “manipulate” printing and publishing by-laws and that anyone can apply for a printing and publishing permit at the concerned district offices.

“If the documents are complete and accurate, permits will be issued. If publications are deemed unlawful, those charged under the law will follow the decision of the court,” he said.

“Once the by-laws are written, the Myanmar Press Council can draft by-laws for the media law as it sees fit. The MPC has the legal expertise to do this.”

source: Eleven Myanmar
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