Tuesday, 18 February 2014

MP proposes to upgrade Yangon Zoo lease

YANGON - Regional authorities have said they will coordinate with Htoo Group of Companies and the government to increase the land lease for the Yangon Zoological Garden, after an MP for Bahan Township submitted a proposal to parliament.

The present land lease for the Yangon zoo is Ks 70 million per year under a 10 year contract awarded to Htoo Group in April 2011. The contract can be extended but MP Nyo Nyo Thin from Bahan Township raised the issue in parliament claiming that lease price be increased as Htoo Group won the contract because of special privileges.

“The area of Yangon Zoo is quite large and entrance fee is Ks 1000 per person. The land leasing charge for the zoo is Ks 70 million while aquarium in Kandawgyi, which is small compared with the zoo, earns Ks 120 million. This is quite a huge difference. The Htoo Company seems to be a privileged company so I submitted a proposal to amend the lease price to current prices,” said Dr. Nyo Nyop Thin.

The Yangon Regional Government stated that the current land lease fee was suitable adding that f anyone wants to increase the rental price, it can be done when the contract gets renewed. New charges must be agreed by both parties and it must be approved by the Myanmar Investment Commission.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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