Wednesday, 26 February 2014

"Flammable" snacks under review by FDA

A photo of a flaming bag of potato chips on social media has prompted a Food and Drug Administration investigation into snack-maker Oishi, said Dr Khin Saw Hla, deputy director of the administration’s Yangon branch.

After a photo of Oishi chips in flames caused a stir on Facebook last week, with numerous users weighing in with opinions, the FDA “inspected their ingredients in detail”, said Dr Khin Saw Hla.

“We approved this brand as being safe for consumers, but it was found that the snacks can burn like candles,” she said.

“When we tested it we saw OISHI chips would go up in flames until they turned to ashes. Thai products also burned [to ashes] but did not go up in flames. So we can say the cause of the flame was the oil [used in the product].”

She added that the results have been reported to Nay Pyi Taw and the FDA now plans to conduct a more thorough analysis of the product.

“If we discover this product is an unhealthy and dangerous food for consumers we will take to action such as banning it from the market and not permitting it to be produced,” said Dr Khin Saw Hla.

Oishi manufacturer Myanmar Liwayway Food Industries declined to comment to The Myanmar Times. The Myanmar Consumer Production Association said it had not received complaints regarding the product and has no immediate plans to investigate.

source: The Myanmar Times
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