Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Construction halts on Old Bagan hotel

The government has ordered the owners of a hotel in Old Bagan to halt the unapproved construction of a planned annex, authorities said.

U Naing Win, director of the Ministry of Culture’s department of archaeology, said that the Aye Yar River View Resort Hotel started building the annex before receiving planning permission for the local authorities.

“We have ordered the hotel to cease construction. If they continue, we will take legal action,” he said.

The hotel did not respond to a request from The Myanmar Times for comment. The Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) said the matter was being handled at the regional level.

The Ministry of Culture issues permits for new construction in the Bagan historic zone only after a review determining whether it would infringe on any of the historic structures in the area.

“If we can approve proposals we do, and if we cannot, we don’t, but the Aye Yar hotel started building before any permit was issued, so we had to stop it,” said U Naing Win.

source: The Myanmar Times
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