Monday, 24 February 2014

Committees propose amendment to estimated construction price for Education Ministry

Two committees of the Lower House (Pyithu Hluttaw) submitted a proposal to amend an estimated expense requested by the Ministry of Education, as the square footage construction prices differ among the departments under the ministry.

The move came after Lower House MP Mya Oo, secretary of Lower House (Pyithu Hluttaw) Education Enhancement Committee, on Friday (February 21) at the Union Assembly parliament asked for an adjustment to construction prices for one square foot.

“The No 2 Basic Education Department has a fixed construction price of Ks 20,000 for one square foot, but for other departments it’s Ks 18,000. So there’s a gap of Ks 2,000 for construction costs. Therefore, I suggested that the ministry should review the different construction prices,” said Mya Oo.

When we calculated the expenses for dangerous schools and schools that need to be renovated and extended through the PAE system based on one square foot, we came up with a surplus of Ks 3.45 billion.

The committee proposed that the expense surplus be spent on repairing 38 dangerous schools and renovating 303 schools instead of constructing 220 new schools.

“If normal, two-storey school buildings made of wood and brick are constructed on flat lands, it should be Ks 10,000 for the construction of one-square foot. If they are built in the form of RC, it should be Ks 16,000 to Ks 18,000. Therefore, the construction cost for one-square foot should be reduced,” said MP Tin Maung, a member of the committee.

Local construction businessmen should be invited to tender for the construction of school buildings. The committee comprising MPs, district administrators and education officers should be formed to scrutinise the invitation of tenders, said Tin Maung.

source: Eleven Myanmar
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