Sunday, 11 August 2013

Myanmar Dumex distributor claims its products are free from toxic bacteria

MO Asia Company, which is distributing Dumex products in Myanmar, announced on August 6 that the dairy products they distribute are free from a toxic bacteria found in dairy products under investigation in other countries.
"We guarantee that the dairy products we distribute in Myanmar are clear of danger. Malaysia authorities inspected the dairy products and informed us that the dairy products we are importing have no danger," said Dr. Hnin Hnin Yu, Nutrition Manager from MO Asia.

New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industries said on Saturday that the potentially tainted products which are imported by Fonterra included infant formula, yoghurts, sports drinks, protein drinks and other beverages which use a type of bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. The bacteria can cause food poisoning as well as a fatal paralytic illness caused by a nerve toxin.

According to international media, Fonterra announced on August 3 that the yoghurt used in infant formula and sports drinks was contaminated with Clostridium Botulinum.

The countries affected besides New Zealand are Australia, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Vietnam. Danone Dumex from Malaysia and Nutricia from New Zealand recalled some of their dairy products. Dumex Company from Thailand also recalled five infant formulas.

Deputy Secretary-general Srinuan Korrakuchakorn said that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand is still investigating Fonterra products and it will notify if they need to recall the products.

Moreover, MO Asia will not recall their products already in the market as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Myanmar hasn’t issued the order concerning the contaminated products.

The dairy products from Dumex used raw materials from New Zealand-based Fonterra which is the world’s fourth largest dairy products company.
source: Eleven Myanmar
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